Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hazrat Wasif Manzoor Sahab Bayan in a Nikkah Ceremony

Bayaan at Jamia Binoria Nikkah Ceremony of Mufti Naeem's Daughter. Very important bayan for all youngsters getting married or about to get married. I suggest to listen this bayaan to make Nikkah easy for everyone.... According to Hazrat ....Jaab Nikkah asaan hota hai to Zinaa mushkil ho jata hai. Nikkah kay mushkil honey kee wajaa say Zinaa buhat aasaan aur sastaa ho gaya hai.

Hamara Mashraa kis tarhaan Sadgi per aa jayee aur Nikkah aasaan hoo jayeen aur hamarey sarey masley haal hoo jayeen...Please do take out some time to listen to this special bayan

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